message from our founder


Over the last few years, I noticed the number of people coming to my restaurants and nightlife venues was increasing, but the total number of alcoholic beverages sold was steadily decreasing.  I knew that I was drinking less, and about this time I started seeing magazine articles about consumers being “Sober Curious,” for one reason or another. Then the proverbial light bulb went off. How can we make a beverage that can Power Your Mood™ and deliver some of alcohol’s positive side effects, yet circumvent the negative effects people want to avoid.

As part of a previous company, I learned everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a critical role in maintaining our body’s homeostasis. The ECS does this through regulation of neurotransmitters, mitochondrial functions, and ion-gated channels. Many people believe that plant-based cannabinoids can provide a therapeutic handshake for one’s own ECS, and when people’s ECS is balanced, their body simply works and feels better.

Thus, I started a mission to create a beverage using legal cannabinoids, like CBG and nootropics that can power the ECS and allow the body to function in a more balanced way. Such a beverage could deliver the feeling received from an initial alcoholic drink but without the downsides of overindulging. In addition, since cannabinoids come from hemp (legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill), and hemp utilizes 8.8 tons/per acre of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis, the whole planet wins by people drinking more hemp-derived beverages- and clēēn:craft was born.

clēēn:craft carbonated beverages are created with CBG from hemp, nootropics, and other real, simple ingredients including filtered water, juice concentrates, pure ginger and cane sugar. All clēēn:craft beverages are non- alcoholic, THC free, and made with 100% USA Hemp. We currently offer Lime, Ginger and Cola formulations.

Functionally speaking, most people drink clēēn:craft as a ready-to-drink, spirit-free cocktail or as a healthier natural energy or sport drink replacement.  Some use them as a pre-made mixer for their favorite cocktail with enhanced effects. Others will start with regular cocktails and then switch to clēēn:craft to finish the night. Many people drink one before bedtime and say they achieve a much sounder sleep.

clēēn:craft products can be found at several forward-leaning grocery outlets,, Amazon Prime, and at favorite bars, restaurants, and music venues. We make our clēēn:craft beverages at our experience center, a production facility on the corner of 2nd and Bell Street, in downtown Seattle, Washington.


Thank you for your time,

Marcus Charles

Co-Founder of clēēn:craft