Q: what is clēēn:craft?

A: clēēn:craft beverages are functional beverages that some people use as spirit-free cocktails to go, and others use as cocktail mixers. However, most people use clēēn:craft for recovery & wellness, when they need to boost their mood after a workout or a few hard hours of screen time.

Q: why does clēēn:craft power my mood?

A: Our beverage is a mix of simple, natural ingredients, the combination of which results in the “clēēn:craft effect.” It takes our specific combination of ingredients to create this functional effect.

Q: what is the clēēn:craft effect?

A: Bubbly, chilled, relaxed…all achieved without any alcohol so focus remains intact. (Add your spirit of choice to amplify the first three effects.)

Q: not drinking tonight?

A: clēēn:craft is a natural, fun beverage to take the party and still feel like a festive participant. A great alternative to flavor-essenced carbonated waters or other less functional, less tasteful beverages.

Q: drinking tonight?

A: Many use clēēn:craft as a pre-made mixer. happēē:mule = Tito’s Handmade Vodka and clēen:craft ginger. happēē-rita = Cazadores Tequila Reposado and clēēn:craft lime.  happēē:libre = Mount Gay Barbados Rum and clēēn:craft cola.

Q: how does clēēn:craft impact recovery & wellness?

A: The drain is real – you can be physically and metabolically tapped from skiing, surfing or intense training in the gym, or mentally exhausted from studying or concentrating on that screen at work. clēēn:craft’s patented formulation of pure, natural ingredients provides for recovery and balance where and when your body needs it most.

Q: what’s the difference between marijuana and hemp?

A: Both are forms of the cannabis plant, but with different chemical compositions.  Hemp contains less than .3% THC; marijuana contains different levels of THC depending on the strain. It’s similar to how both oranges and lemons are citrus fruits; yet have different chemical and flavor profiles.

Q: what is clēēn:craft’s whole plant movement?

A: clēēn:craft believes in the strength and power of the hemp plant as a whole, organic unit since it’s packed with goodness, including omega-3’s, omega-6’s, proteins and several other vitamins and minerals.

Q: what is hemp’s environmental impact?

A: Hemp is the planet’s fastest growing, most versatile crop. Compared to other forest or commercial crops it yields twice the fiber (requiring less land), absorbs more carbon dioxide (8.8 tons per acre), and naturally resists pests and weeds. It can be cultivated for food, building materials, textiles and packaging…the list is awesome and expansive.

Q: do clēēn:craft beverages need to be refrigerated?

A: No. However, we highly recommend storing clēēn:craft beverages in your refrigerator or cooler as they are best served chilled. Over ice is nice as well.